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Falconer, Web Site
Biff, Game Server

 About RareFiles - Welcome!

Both Biff and myself (Falconer) have been DOOMed almost since Doom's inception. I first played Doom as a demo. Later, I picked up the full reg and got online with DWANGO (see FAQs for more DWANGO info). Not long after, Biff logged on, and we have been friends since. Eventually, I became a DWANGO moderator. I later resigned since there were too few players and too much college level homework.

When ZDoom was introduced, both Biff and I took to the 'net with DoomServ. Eventually, Biff moderated on DoomServ, until TGO dumped all his moderators.

On this site, we focus on Internet head-to-head play. Biff and I have joined the ranks of those who keep alive the earliest smash-hit of the first person shooters, Doom. While we engage in other games, we continue the Doom tradition. We just like it. And, for us, there are a lot of memories tied to those early nostalgic days of Doom's rise to fame.

Don't hesitate to send us E-mail, and we hope you enjoy the site and our game server.