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DOOM][ has come to the Internet. Randy Heit, author of ZDOOM, will undoubtably go down in DOOM history as the person responsible for bringing a viable game of DOOM to the Internet. Thanks MUCHLY!

History behind DWANGO WADs: DWANGO (short for Dial-up Wide Area Network Gaming Operation), was a commercial, pay-by-month/hour business.  It first took life as an effort to allow live, head-to-head play, using DOOM over a dial-up connection to a proprietary network. The users and some staff of DWANGO made these wads independently of one another. In later DWANGO days, it was popular for local DWANGO wad authors to name their DWANGO wads after the server they played on (Thus, AZDWANGO, DCDWANGO). DWANGO closed its doors to operation in late 1998. I believe this was largely due to the competition in that field, the popularity of Quake on the Internet, and the mis-adventures DWANGO experienced in their ill-advised partnership with Microsoft's Internet Gaming Zone (into which DWANGO poured some big bucks). However, DWANGO, at the time of this writing, lives on doing operations in Japan.

Many people have wondered why these WADs are not found on CDROM.COM. Well, the short answer is that almost all of them contain at least one map which has code original to map 1 or map 7 from the commercial release of DOOM2. Additionally, when John Carmack (an id Software co-founder, I think) was approached by those interested in getting a release for these particular maps, he was understandably hesitant.  So, CDROM.COM has decided not to pursue it further. This is understandable (Thanks Ty Halderman, for all you do with CDROM.COM and TEAMTNT).