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Why anyone would want to play Doom II without the monumental enhancements made to the game, is beyond me. Certainly, Duke, Blood, Shadow Warrior, Quake, Quake II, Quake III, Unreal, and a host of other first-person shooters, would be coughed-up like feline hairballs if "jump" and "mlook" were disabled! Disabling improvements to Doom II defeats the reason for having them in the first place (which is to make the game more realistic - only wish we could duck too).

Thus, here is offered my not-so-humble opinions regarding how Doom II ought to be set up for DM. Here also are suggested map rotations for DWANGO wads, and others (work in progress).


There are at least two good reasons for using skill level 5:

  1. Skill 5 insures that all weapons coded in the map appear in the game.
  2. At lower skill levels (3 for instance), opponents require more damage to frag. For instance, with skill five, two well placed single barrel shots will bring down your opponent, even at long distances. On skill 3, it may take up to twice as many well placed shots, even at close range.


Have you ever exhausted yourself running around a map looking for a weapon - any weapon - and find there is none to pick up. Because weapon respawn takes so stinking long, usually you wind up empty handed with your head blown clean off. Unless there are only a few people playing, and loads of weapons and ammo laying around, this situation will occur often. It is thoroughly annoying.

"Weapons stay" insures that weapons never have to respawn - they are always ready to be picked up. This insures that when YOU respawn from being fragged, you'll get a weapon quickly to take out the marine that nailed ya seconds earlier!


Have you ever picked up a weapon, like say . . . a shotgun, or a rocket launcher, and fired off three or four rounds, only to find your out? You thought this was supposed to be a fragfest, not an Easter Egg hunt for ammo.

I am not advocating infinite ammo. With infinite ammo, one can use the same weapon continually, without being forced to use any other. Full ammo runs out, and the Easter Egg hunt can eventually occur, it just takes longer before you have to get on all fours to find more ammo.


It is only obvious why MLOOK ought to be ENABLED. Originally, Doom II would lock onto targets which were above or below you, but only within a limited range. In ZDoom, the range could be extended incrementally, or infinitely. However, what if you want to shoot over one marine's head head to frag another marine above him? You have to turn off target locking, and have MLOOK on.

I prefer to use MLOOK with MSPRING toggling. Binding "F" to MSPRING toggling is handy for me.