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The following is the full text of Tripod's Email offer recently sent to its users:


April 4, 2002

Dear rarefiles,

Have you heard? Tripod has a new subscription plan that lets members build without banner ads or other restrictions. We call it Tripod Plus!


We're making this offer to Tripod members as a way of saying "Thanks!" for building with us and to give you a chance to keep your existing disk space.

Beginning on April 30th, disk space on Tripod's free service will be limited to 20 MB. After this date, members of our free service who exceed the new limit will need to remove files or upgrade to Tripod Plus.

Upgrade to Plus by April 30th and you'll receive an extra 25 MB of disk space! That's in addition to the regular Tripod Plus amount of 25 MB, for total of 50 MB! Plus, you'll have the freedom to obtain additional disk space in 50 MB increments all without those pesky ads.

Learn More!

Upgrade now!

Please note: The 25 MB of extra disk space will not appear during the upgrade process. But it will be reflected on your My Account page.

Thank you!

The Tripod team

P.S. Have you already upgraded to Tripod Plus? If so, thanks! We'll add an extra 25 MB of disk space to your account, too!

For further assistance, please access our help pages at

Please note: If you have multiple Tripod accounts, you'll receive one e-mail per member name.


As a Terra Lycos member, you have received this e-mail to inform you of new services or offers within the Lycos Network.

Please do not reply to this email.

Our policy is to send e-mail messages only to announce such information, and we'll continue to honor this policy. Thank you for being a Terra Lycos member.

To make changes to your preferences or update your membership information, please go to (truncated for privacy).